Monday, November 1, 2010


I've seen a bunch of friends planning on doing daily Facebook posts on what they are thankful for this month...since it is the month of Thanksgiving, but I've decided to let you in on my thank-a-tudes all at once in stead of one-a-day. Please remember, if you're not on this list, it's not because I'm not thankful for you, it's just that my cup runneth over and these are in no particular order:
  1. My trials and tribulations. Even though they're painful and difficult, they afford me opportunities to grow.
  2. My family -- as wild and crazy and disjointed and crazy and loud and...did I mention they are, I love them and know that if I need them, they'll be there for me as best they can.
  3. Friends -- past, present, and future. Those people who keep me grounded, are brutally honest, and have an abundance of love and support to give.
  4. Books. I. Love. Books. I have since I was a child and that is a love affair I hope continues until the day I die.
  5. The opportunity to be nearing the end of a goal, that of getting my Masters. It took awhile to go back to college, but I made it and I'm almost done!
  6. My dog. Great listener, excited to see me every time, forgiving, loving, and fabulous bed warmer.
  7. Jeep Cherokee. It's the car I've wanted since high school and before I quit working my "adult" job I finally got the car I'd been dreaming about. I love being able to use the hitch, throw my dog in the back, and drive across state lines to see family.
  8. Hot Apple Cider. Memories and warmth, all in one!
  9. Converse/Chuck Taylor's/greatest brand of timeless shoes ever invented.
  10. Donna Karan's Cashmere Mist perfume. My favorite smell!
  11. Nieces and nephews. They let me flex my mothering and spoiling muscles whenever I want. Love ya!
  12. Jeans. I can't imagine having to wear dresses all the time -- a'la Pioneer days.
  13. Jergens Ultra Healing lotion. It's the only lotion I use because it doesn't creep me out with an oily feeling on my hands.
  14. Painted toe nails. Even in the dead of Idaho winters, it's still nice to have a glimpse of summer on my feet.
  15. Fresh flowers. They just automatically make a room brighter, cleaner, and more cheerful. I don't care what kind, just as long as they're real.
  16. Baseball hats. Great for on-the-go, just-woke-up, and haven't brushed my crazy curly hair days.
  17. My yellow quilt my mom made for me over 20 years ago for Christmas. I still have it, it hasn't fallen apart yet, and I swear it's the warmest blanket ever...probably because it was made with love.
  18. Autumn. See the posting below for further.
  19. Rain and thunderstorms. I love the latent power within a thunderstorm, but ultimately it is nourishing to all growing things below.
  20. Post-it-Notes. Seriously? How did the world survive without this accidental invention?
  21. Chapstick. It's the only stuff I put on my lips. Not a lipstick or lip gloss kinda girl. Just plain old Chapstick.
  22. Slippers. Although I tend to be hot all the time, there's nothing like a fluffy pair of slippers to but me in the relaxation mood.
  23. The Atonement, that lets me know I can be forgiven of my sins and start each day fresh...if I put in the work.
  24. Modern communication technology (like cell phones, computers, Internet, etc.), that allow me to keep in contact with so many people who would have been relegated to my memories if not for technology.
  25. Cyrus O'Leary's Turtle Cheescakes. Oh, yum!
  26. Indoor plumbing. I've gone without for a week, but would rather have indoor bathrooms than digging holes or packing in and out.
  27. Soundmates: things that create white noise so I can sleep at night and not be bothered by loud roommates or stupid people walking down my street.
  28. Electric toothbrushes. Anything that can make brushing my teeth seem more fun is something to be thankful for.
  29. Duct tape. C'mon, you had to know it was going to show up on a list somewhere. I use it way more than I should, but it has been indispensable more often than not.
  30. You...but I bet you're probably already on this list. You have been an influence on my life and I am thankful everyday that I have known you.
Happy Thanksgiving and don't forget to express your gratitude every day. It doesn't cost you a cent to say "Thank You," but it can be priceless to the recipient.

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