Friday, September 12, 2008

Final Blog @ Alaska

Well, that's it. I'm done. There's nothing more to say. I'm safely back in the lower 48 and good riddance to everyone I worked with. It was horrible. I never want to go back there again...JUST KIDDING!!!Actually it was probably the best experience of my life - thusfar. It definately made me re-evaluate priorities, ideas, thoughts, perceptions, etc. Sure I didn't enjoy every moment in Valdez...nothing/no place/no person is perfect, but the pros definately outweighed the cons. So much so that I am planning on going back next summer, if all the stars align.

I just finished re-reading some of my other blogs and man did I sound pessimistic and negative in some of them. I'd like to apologize, but that was how I was feeling at the time. I came to a greater understanding with my boss and I can safely say he's human and not the devil incarnate as others may believe. -wink-For the most part I got along with my guides/co-workers. There will always be people you gel with better than others, but I tried to at least be relatively polite to much as my sarcasm and smart mouth will allow. (I know, it's hard to believe I'm not perfect either!) Because of the guides I finally joined the modern age and joined Facebook so that I can keep in better contact with everyone. How sad is it that, although I like myself, I feel more validated when people become my "friends" on Facebook. -sigh-Probably my favorite thing about this summer was Alaska itself. It is absolutely breathtaking. I never tired of the scenery; although the rain did become repetative after awhile. Even riding my bike around town in the rain sometimes, I was just chill to watch the puddles reverberate with raindrops and soak in the peace. One of my concerns was whether or not I could handle living in such a small town (@ 4,500 people). I've never lived anywhere smaller than 30,000+. I can honestly say it didn't really bother me at all. Valdez definately comes alive during the summer season and tends to roll up the sidewalks after Labor Day. For that reason, I'm not sure if I could handle a place like Valdez year round, but assuredly for 5 months.

As this blog comes to an end - and I'll try to update occassionally during school - I just want to give a shout out to all the friends I made in Valdez. Each of the guides and friends made my summer that much more enjoyable and memorable. I look forward to keeping tabs on them for the next 7 months and hope to see many of them in Valdez next summer.

Be of good Cheer! (Thanks Mom)