Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Calm Before the Storm

I realized, today, that it is less than a month before I graduate. I. Graduate.

Um, my mind is pretty much spazzing out at that idea. I quit a job I loved to go back to school, finished my undergrad, went on to get my masters, and now my goal will be accomplished in less than a month.

Now what?

Alright. Maybe it's not right to start asking "now what" since there's still so much to cram into this final month (less than a month, actually) of school. I have one final assignment, two presentations, and project for one class; I'm writing a creative piece for another class (that ought to be interesting); I'm finalizing my thesis and defending it in 10 days; and I still have 4 more classes to teach. So trust me, there's still a lot to do.

However, I've basically had my life planned out for the last five years and now I feel like I'm in limbo because in less than a month I'll be goal-less. I plan on getting my PhD right now because, well, I need a break. But what to do?

I seriously considered applying for a job at the City of Lewiston Fire Department, as an Administrative Assistant (basically the same job I had five years ago, just in a different department), but ultimately decided not to. Why? Well, I LOVE the area I'm in (Moscow/Pullman, Lewiston/Clarkston), but what would have been the point of all of my education if I just slipped right into the same job I had before? Where would be my growth?

I've applied for three teaching jobs at community colleges and a couple of adjunct teaching positions at universities. Whether or not I get them is up in the air, but I need to trust that something will come along that will utilize my degree. I need to trust that I will be fine. I need to trust that falling back into old habits and relying on what is "comfortable" isn't always the best. I need to trust in myself, my abilities, and my tenacity to set a goal and achieve it -- this obstacle, or opportunity for change, is no different.

It's just scarier!

So rather than fret and worry about my "plan" after graduation, I need to buckle down and focus my gaze on what needs to be done in order to ensure I graduate. Now is not the time to mess it all up!

Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm Avoiding. I. Know.

Yes, I know I have a thesis to finish writing. I. Know.

However, I've noticed this Facebook ad on the side of my home page and I wonder if you notice anything odd about it?

Hmmm...does anyone else feel like this is poor advertising? I mean, the kid is freakin' me out! How, in the world, would this possibly entice me to become a social worker? Would I get to work with psycho and serial killer-esque possible kids? Oooooh! Count me in! Not.

Then again, if they want to make sure there isn't a glut in the social work field I think they successfully achieved their goal. You can cross me off the list!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Remember When...

Hey, remember when I had free time and blogged at least three times a week...sometimes twice a day?

I know, that was a long time ago. Sorry, it isn't going to start happening anytime soon.

Just thought I should tell you before you start getting your hopes up. Only six weeks left of the semester and I've got WAY too much to do in order to graduate.

Speak at you in about seven weeks -- 'cuz we all know I'll need AT LEAST a week to recover.

Wish me luck!