Friday, June 17, 2011


Yeah, I don't know what I'm going to say either, except I've noticed that I am having more difficulty striking the letter "A" when I type on my computer keyboard lately. Seriously? I just had to retype the word "lately" three times because each time I forgot to strike, or didn't hit hard enough, the letter "A". I think I need to work on strengthening my left pinky finger.

I could blme (yes, I'm just going to say screw it from now on if I type the "A" or not. It's gonna be hit and miss so I hope you can understand my mumbling...) the lack of "A"s on the fact that I am not a lefty, but that wouldn't be entirely true. I've just recently noticed this problem, so tht's not to blame. Perhaps it's lzyness? I did, after all just finish my mster's program, so it could be that. It's not really text-speak, so that's not to blme. But as I'm typing this posting I am noticing that there seems to be a bit of  lg (lag) when I think I strike the "A" key and when the cursor moves on my screen.

Yep, that sounds right. Let's blme it on the keyboard. I am, after all, perfect, so why wouldn't it be modern technology's fult.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Job Hunting=Looking for Bigfoot

Seriously? Since when did job hunting become similar to looking for Bigfoot?

A job hunter enters the forest of job advertisements/postings/etc. looking for areas of possible jobs (or Bigfoot sightings). You check out the job (what are the requirements, job description, etc.), circle it a few times so see if the job is a likely fit, and then blast it with a bevy of documents (resume/vita, letter of application, references, letters of recommendation, teaching philosophy, or whatever other document the list asks for)!

And then? Well, then the waiting game begins. Maybe YOUR barrage of qualifications scared the job from its hiding place and you get a face-to-face sighting/interview of the elusive job. But then again, maybe you were wrong and your attempt is met with silence.

If you are lucky to get an interview landing the exclusive/job isn't a sure thing. Maybe your camera's flash wasn't working or your batteries dies on your digital camera. Who knows? Any one of a number of things could go wrong and then you're back to the drawing board again.

I'm at that point right now, but I have a feeling that my job hunt may start looking like shooting a shotgun into a barrel of fish. Something's gotta make contact!  :)
Okay, so maybe my description isn't really that apt because I did get two job offers, but they weren't for jobs I can see making a career. I took a part-time summer position at the University of Idaho as an office worker in their Distance Learning program in hopes that when fall rolls around I'll have a teaching job lined up (we'll see). I was also offered a full time office position at WSU in the Athletic Department, which I think would have been wonderful because everyone I talked to was great, but ultimately wasn't where I wanted to end up (and the pay was crummy).

So I'm still searching for the elusive Bigfoot teaching job, but at least I have a part-time distraction for now.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm sorry. I said I was sorry! -sheesh-

My apologies for not posting sooner. I know, I know...

Heaven knows I have enough time. I graduated just a little over two weeks ago and I'm unemployed. Unemployed = a lot of free time = boredom and Patty going cRaZy!!! In case you didn't read the earlier post (think months ago) when I stated I don't do nothing very well--well, it's true and I've got proof!

I did yard work...YARD WORK...on purpose! I always dodge the outside stuff unless I have to (and by "have to" I mean my parents made me when I lived at home or my wimpy sister says she has "allergies" and can't mow her own lawn. Or pick up dog poop. Or...wait a minute...I think I got the shaft there. Since when does dog poop have allergens? *Okay Becca, you outsmarted me!*)

I went to Becca's house and helped her (in a tiny way) get her house ready to sell and then I rushed home for a job interview. "How's that going?" you ask...not too well. I've sent out dozens of resumes, only had three scheduled job interviews -- one of which rescheduled...and then rescheduled again indefinitely but stated they hoped I wasn't "snatched up" (their words) by the time they reschedule..again. Sometime. In the near future. Um, okay? And the other two interviews wound up offering the position to other people.

So me? Still sending out resumes, filling out applications, and my freak-out-o-meter is climbing. I just need to keep telling myself that it's only been two weeks and I definitely have someplace to live until July 31st (until my lease ends). After that? Well, your guess is as good as mine.

On the up side, I did get a response to an application I filled out yesterday and they should be calling me today to possibly set up an interview (I'll believe it when I hear it) today. I filled out the application almost a month ago, so that gives me hope that the other positions I've applied for may just be taking some time. I will admit I'm a bit impatient at times and I have to realize everyone else's timeline isn't the same as mine.

So guess what I'm learning this summer? Nope, not more rhetoric or literature, I'm learning patience...because apparently you can't have enough of that! So here's for learning patience...and having the patience to go through the mounds of papers I've accumulated in two years as I start packing up. Thank heavens for recycling!