Monday, November 15, 2010

And to share some of my morning with you...

This is just an example of me helping a student make a wise decision this morning. The life of an educator never ends:

     Really? You're sick? Hmm...why am I more inclined to believe you failed to do your homework?

     Really, you're only thinking of everyone else and don't want them to catch your sickness? That's nice, but what about the fact that your homework was to edit/give feedback to a classmate's paper and the ONLY thing we're doing in class today is having you discuss the feedback?

     Really? You won't be in class today? Well, I guess you automatically lose 60 peer grading/editing points and can't revise your essay (which is worth nearly half your grade) at a later date.

     Really? You're going to show up to class today? That's nice of you.

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