Monday, November 29, 2010

Crisis averted, but now it's getting kind of weird.

Let me just start this post off by saying how the only way I remember how to spell weird is that it's spelling is weird. You remember the whole "I before E, except after C" sing-song we learned in elementary school? Yea, weird is the exception. I think it's because of this anomaly that I like the word weird so much.

Alright. And on to other things!

Crisis averted. As you can tell, I did not quit humanity and decided to stick it out...for at least three more weeks until Winter Break. I slept for a whole four hours last night and feel much better. -sigh- That's just sad. At this point I'm just grinning and bearing it.

And this morning I had a lovely little stalker-ish email message that said "Redbox misses you!" Um, stop following my every rental movements. I'm sorry Redbox, but you don't always have all the new releases I want to see so, yes, I go old school and go to a video rental store sometimes. Also, I have Netflix, so sometimes I just watch stuff online or get it mailed to me. And then again, I'm a stressed out student, so I don't have an over abundance of free time on my hands to watch movies. So stop stalking me and get your own life you inanimate, technological object! Stop trying to wield your thing-power over me!

...aaaaaand, I'm back!

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