Sunday, May 31, 2009

Where is home?

It's been said that home is where you hang your hat, or where your heart is, or a place you can never return to. If that's the case, where's this elusive "home" everyone refers to? More importantly (because this is my blog), where is MY home?

Is my home Alaska--since that is where I was born; or the Puget Sound, Washington area because that's where I lived during my "formative" years? Maybe Walla Walla, Washington is where I should call home because that's where a majority of my education occurred (junior high+high school+community college = 8 years). How about the Lewiston, ID/Clarkston,WA valley since that's the first place I forged onward and lived on my own for the first time. I currently reside in Idaho Falls, ID, so should I call here home? If so, then what about Moscow, ID, the place I'm moving to in a few weeks for graduate school? Is that just a blip on a moving map? Will I be able to call Moscow home?

If home really is where your hat hangs, then Idaho Falls is home now, but Moscow will be in the future. But if it's where my heart is then my home is splintered. My heart is comprised of family and friends that I love, but most of which live in various parts of the country. If home is a place I can never return to, then all is lost.

What do you think? What is your definition of home, and do you live at your home? Will I ever find my home? Will Batman and Robin ever be able to stop Penguin? Tune in to the next episode at the same Bat-time and on the same Bat-channel.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Where I get the REAL news

I am someone who doesn't subscribe to newspapers. Like so many other people I like to get my news now. I don't understand the need to check facts or cite sources, just give it to me now! Sure, I peruse the sites of cnn, msn, google, new york times, etc., but I've found the most reliable news source on the internet is The Onion. They take complicated and confusing stories and make them relatable to me. I've always wondered at how a child spelling bee's brain works and they help me understand with the video entitled, "Special Boy With Freakishly Large Brain Wins Spelling Bee" (link here:, or useful ideas like "How to Wax Your Floors Without Slipping and Severing Your Spine" (link:

So for those of you tired of reading boring and well-researched news articles, I suggest you click on over to and get some REAL news.

Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm Employed!

So I finally found a job (20-30hrs a week, which is really all I want), but it's definitely not one I'm hoping to pursue as a career. Are you ready to learn what it is? Wait for it...

...I work in a bowling alley. Yep, you heard right, a bowling alley. But it's not even the "cool" job of handing out smelly, used shoes and stuff, I work in the "food/bar" area. Good thing I worked at Dairy Queen in high school, because that experience comes in handy now! So I make food, give out drinks, pour pints and pitchers of beer, etc. The person training me found it funny that I had to learn how to pour a draft of beer and how to make coffee. Um, duh! So, things are going fine. Like I said, not my dream job, but it'll pay the bills and it's only for the summer until I head north for Grad School. I can do anything for a few months, even handle smelling like beer when I get off work. Pee-yew!

Luckily I work the closing shift, so I get to sleep in during the day and still get plenty of work done around the house (yardwork, painting, have dinner waiting for my sister, etc.). All-in-all, not bad, but not good either. -sigh- I can't wait for school in the fall!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Babies are Growing!

Okay, my title is a bit misleading, but true nonetheless. My "babies" are all of the flower seeds I planted last month. Silly me, I thought we were done getting snow so I planted, but just two days later we got more snow. -sigh- I wasn't sure my flowers would grow, but I see little green things poking out of the dirt so I'm crossing my fingers! For heaven's sake, something's got to grow--I planted enough seeds.

Unfortunately, that's my highlight. What a depressing and boring life I lead. Still dropping off resume's everywhere hoping for a job. Cross your eyes that I'll find one soon!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Shout out to the Mothers!

Just a little something for the moms and future moms (congrats Julie!)...

Although in come countries women are considered second-class citizens do those men even realize how much power women/mothers wield? We can try to change the world by writing laws, rules, persuasive speaking, using force, etc., but imagine how much change would be accomplished if every mother in the world decided what values and ideals they would instill/teach their children. Now, I'm not saying the would would be a utopian society and everything would become perfect (because we all know some moms would be more successful than others), but consider the possibilities! A kinder, gentler world? Perhaps.

All I know is that when someone compliments me about some trait I have, I say "thank you," but really recognize that a large portion of who I am is because of my mom and dad.

So thanks to all the mothers and fathers out there. We love you!