Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fireplaces, Blizzard Warnings, and a Good Book

There's something festive about sitting by a fire. The constant exchange of colors -- from yellow, to orange, to red, to blue, to yellow again -- and the warmth that emanates from it. Couple that with the blizzard warning we had last night and the approximately 8-10 inches of snow I woke up to this morning, and it feelsm more like Christmas than Thanksgiving. Memories of spiced apple cider, the smell of mom's cornbread stuffing filling the house, and a puzzle everyone frantically works at trying to complete before gathered family disperse back to their respective homes, capture my imagination and mind.

This Thanksgiving won't be like those of yore (yep, I used that word), but has followed a pattern similar to thsoe of recent years. A week filled with frantically grading or writing papers, probably dinner at my local Denny's or Shari's (I wish this was the first time I ate at one of these places for a holiday, but I'd be lying to you) with a roommate -- we had other plans, but things change -- and a trip to a movie theatre for one of the newest releases.

Perhaps that all sounds a little dismal, but I'm alright with it. Sometimes your desires have to be prioritized and put on hold in order to accomplish those that rank of higher importance. I will finish my masters if it kills me; and some days I think it will. And I will sacrifice a Thanksgiving meal so I can better appreciate the upcoming Christmas holiday stress free and paper free.

In the mean time I will get back to basking in the warmth of the fire as I watch dogs snooze in front of it. Unfortunately, instead of reading from my book pile of "to be reads", I'll be reading a book about rhetoric, or materialism, or technology, or all of them. -sigh-

C'mon Christmas!

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Chuck said...

Dont forget abt Mom's Coffee Cake! I think I miss that the most during the holidays.