Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Signs You're an Adult

I remember being a kid and getting so excited when my birthday rolled around. That meant I'd be getting mail. Addressed to me! For some reason, the idea of someone sending me something in the mail was awesome and magical. Now? -sigh- I've become an adult. Sure, I still get a little giddy when something I ordered comes in, like a book from or a movie from Netflix, but essentially I just feel weary because odds are it's either junk mail or bills.

Lately I've noticed that the same feelings have trickled over into email. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy emails from family and friends, but what's with all the junk mail? Luckily there are spam filters and such that automatically send most of the undesirable mail to my junk box, but I still periodically go through this "mailbox" in an effort to make sure I'm not missing anything. Seriously? How can I get 100 junk messages in over a day!

Ridiculous! Or am I just really that popular? Hmmm....I never thought of it that way...

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