Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sick to...

"No! It's not tasty to me!"

Those were the words a three-year-old little boy told his older sister today when they were picking out a "treat" in the grocery store. I had to smile at their antics and enthusiasm as I lacked both. Me? I'm sick right now. No, it's not anything serious. The flu/cold/strep is making the rounds at school and I just have a cold. The doctor (I went because I wanted to catch it early if it was strep) apologized to me when we found out it was just a cold and not the strep we worried about. Um, he's sorry I'm not more sick? Nope. He was just sorry he didn't have a prescription he could give me to make me better sooner. So I get to drink lots of fluids, sleep A LOT, lather on the Vick's, eat the throat losenges like they're candy, and anything else that makes me feel better.

You want to know what would make me feel better? Having my mom fuss over me. Yep, I'm a HUGE baby when I'm sick. I know that's a comment that is often said about guys when they get sick, but I do it too. I think it's our attempt to return to our childhood when a mom's kiss healed a boo-boo, her warm hug was the best comforter, her voice scared the boogey-man and nightmares from our darkened bedrooms, and we could do no wrong. Yep, those were good times!

Instead, I get into my rattiest blue jeans, dilapitated hoodie that I've had for years (falling apart, literally, at the seams and the zipper is broken), warmest and most comfortable shoes, forgo the make-up and just pull my hair back. Screw it! I'm not trying to impress anyone. I'm just trying to be as comfortable as I can be while trolling the grocery aisle looking for over-the-counter drugs and homey remedies from my childhood.

Vick's Vapor Rub? Check. Alka-Seltzer Cold & Flu Gel caps? Check. Halls Fruit Breezers? Check. Lemon-lime soda pop (which, by the way, breaks my three month stretch of not drinking anything carbonated. The things we do when we're sick.)? Check. Orange juice? Check. Fudge-cicles (we always got them, as kids, when we were ill)? Um, not really that appetizing -- uncheck. Bubble bath? Check.

All set and standing in line at the check-out. Looks like the girl talked her little brother into agreeing on a treat. Yep, they picked the frosted animal cookies. Good choice!

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Grace and Scott said...

It never goes away. One day when Mom was sick, and Grandma had died by this time, I remember hearing Mom say she just wanted her mother to take care of her. *sigh*