Monday, September 13, 2010

Don't Forget to Turn in your Crayons...

Honestly, I don't think you hear that phrase often enough in a college setting, but my students heard it today. Ohmygosh the excitement (and occasional squeal of excitement) that came out of 50+ students when I started unloading my bag for class.

Today was peer review day and I had them "color" another student's paper as they looked for particular things (counter arguments, concessions, thesis, etc.). I kept a few of the students from walking out with the crayons in hand (little kleptos), but overall it was a fun class period.

Now what fun activity can I think up next time so my students stay engaged? I'm open to any suggestions!

P.S. I took my German-English translation test today and I should know in the next few days how I did. Cross your fingers I get a "C" so I don't have to take it again or any language classes!

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