Friday, August 20, 2010

You Like Me, You Really Like Me!

I’m amazed by how many people have come to visit my little blog of random and sometimes intelligible thoughts. According to my calculations, in less than two months I’ve had 500 hits on this site. WOW!

Thanks for the validation that maybe I’m okay at this writing thing … or I’m a beautiful disaster. You know, like the bearded lady at a freak show or a horrific accident on the freeway that you can’t help but rubber-neck. It’s horrible, but you don’t dare look away.

Um, I choose to believe the first reason – a girl’s gotta keep her confidence up!

Either way, thank you and I hope you’re enjoying this blog as much as I am writing it. Who knew how cathartic and freeing it would be to just get my thoughts outside of me and send them out into the great unknown. That was the sound of my stress being released through this blog.

Love ‘ya and the support you give me, both silent and written.



Chuck said...

yep, you're pretty much that horrific car crash on the side of the road everyone rubbernecks at. :)

Patty Cady said...

Wow. Good thing you're my brother or that would have hurt my feelings...let me check...nope, I'm alright! :)