Friday, October 22, 2010

Results Pending

So...I've jumped through all the hoops necessary for the Teach For America Program. I've done all the interviews; dotted my I's and crossed my T's, so we'll see how it all marinates and tastes in November. I don't know how I did and I won't know until around November 9th-ish. All I know is that I tried my hardest, did my best, and I wouldn't change anything I said or did. If they like and want me, than great. If they don't, then I don't want to work for them.

Relatively speaking the entire day-long process was really low-key. I did a 5-minute lesson plan I had used in my classes earlier, actively participated in group work, and feel like I presented myself and articulated my thoughts, ideas, and beliefs to the best of my ability. I can't ask for anything other than that.

If I don't get into the program I won't feel like I failed, I'll just know that wasn't the place for me right now and focus on other possibilities after graduation. I truly believe that this mindset and attitude was the key to my peace overall. As I've posted earlier, I can only control what's in my boat. As of right now, it's out of my hands and there's nothing else I can do.

I do want to say thank you to everyone for your encouragement and uplifting words throughout the process. I have had so many people just compliment me and my teaching abilities and it's always nice to have validation that you do your job well. So, thank you and I'll keep you posted about what the final outcome is.

Talk at you later!

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