Monday, May 16, 2011

Raccoon Eyes (in a not good way) and Limbo

Saturday I graduated. I grant you permission to now call me "Master Cady." I have my Master of Arts in English (with an emphasis on Rhetoric and Composition) from the University of Idaho. It's also looking like I may graduate with a 4.0. Whoduvthunk? Trust me, my GPA in my undergrad wasn't that great, but I'll take it!

So on Saturday it was abnormally hot (this year) during our outdoor commencement and I wound up looking like a raccoon. I was happy I had remembered to bring my sunglasses, but there's a price to pay for protecting your retinas. The raccoon burn (see exhibit to the left) is baffling since this morning, apparently, it snowed in Moscow. Hrmpf. Go figure.

It was wonderful seeing my parents, friends and past students graduate, and members of the amazing UI faculty that helped me get this blasted diploma. Now, if I can only find a job. Yep, I'm unemployed and (as of July) am homeless too. I've officially located limbo, but don't want to put it down as my permanent place of residence.

So what am I doing now? Well, other than applying any and everywhere, it looks like I'm headed south to Idaho Falls for awhile to help my sister prepare her house to move. Otherwise? I don't know. Will I come back to Moscow? I'd love to, but no one who is hiring has given me an offer I can't refuse (i.e. a job offer).

Right now, I'm paring down, packing up, and preparing for a move to...whoknowswhere.

Time will tell -- and I'll keep you in the loop!

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