Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Now I can slow down and breathe...

I saw this pic and it made me smile. It's called "Romeo and Juliet." >cute<

But enough about them, let's talk about me!

Finally, after months of stress, late nights/early mornings, rewrites, revisions, re-dunculous amounts of reading, and general internal mayhem, I feel like I can stop and breathe.

As of yesterday, my thesis, and all the corresponding hoops  paperwork, were accepted by the College of Graduate Studies. That means I'm officially going to graduate this semester! Yay! I was worried I had defended too late, but I must've squeaked in.

Had drinks (me soda pop, everyone else beer) with a professor and some classmates last night and turned in my final assignment.
I only have one more class this afternoon (which I've done all the work for and presented...I'm just an extra body in the classroom now) and I'm done with my classes! Admittedly I still have to grade my student's final papers, but that's not a big deal. I have until Tuesday to grade them and submit their final grades.

Now? Well, now I'm at a crossroads. What do I do? Well, I'm hustling trying to find work...any work! I'm wondering if I should just spend another year in school and get my teaching certificate or move some place and get a job. Nothing seems to be panning out in the Moscow area, even though I love it  here! C'mon, there's a reason why I came back to this neck of the woods, but every place I've applied to I've either interviewed and gotten the cold shoulder or just hasn't responded in any way.

Maybe I'm just impatient (which is a definite possibility), but I'd like to know one way or the other. Even a polite "thanks, but no thanks" is fine with me. At least I would know where I stand. -sigh- There are a couple more jobs I'm going to apply to in the next week, and then after that, I'm willing to cut my losses and move.

Okay, this has been a bit of a "Debbie Downer" post, but I guess I'm  just frustrated. On an up note...


You're welcome.  :-)


Julie said...

Congratulations on graduating! So happy for you! Work will find you, be patient, like you said. You know, you can always move to Phoenix with us :) is opening/expanding to a second base warehouse here and they are hiring for over 100 new positions. Also the University of Phoenix has several offices and campuses here (they are in several other states too). Maybe you can find a teaching or administrative job. I know they do mostly online teaching, with a few on-site classes. I looked on their website a few months ago and they had several positions open-mostly secretary or upper management that required a Masters, which I don't have, but you do!

Good luck!

Patty Cady said...

Thank you so much for thinking of me! I am overwhelmed and humbled by the number of people who are job hunting for me. Trust me, it is appreciated...and yes, I do take all your suggestions to heart.

Move to Phoenix? To be close to THE JULIE and one of THE CUTEST LITTLE GIRLS EVER!!!??? (Yes, I know I was yelling there, but that's how excited I am about the thought.) Sooooo tempting!

You are one of my favorite people in the world, so it's more tempting than you know.

Thank YOU!