Monday, May 9, 2011

Avoidance at its Best!

There's nothing like updating a blog to avoid doing what you know you're supposed to be doing. Take me, for example. I have final papers for my class to grade, but have I started grading them? Um, no. I have one last assignment for two of my classes to complete, but have I finished them? Um, no.

So what do I spend my time doing, you might ask? Um...nothing. Rather, nothing of importance. I spend way too much time playing Sudoku online, reading books that are just mind candy and that I have read before (so they take even less thought), and...nothing. Well, that's not entirely true. I'm applying for jobs like crazy.

I heard back from one community college teaching job in Bellevue, WA that was a polite "thanks, but no thanks," but I haven't heard back from any others. With less than a week until I'm unemployed, I'm starting to freak out a bit. Honestly, I'm not normally a worrier, but upon graduation on Saturday, I'll pretty much have completed my five-year goal. Then what? Yeah. That's where it gets a little shaky.

Ideally, I'd just like to know either way for ANY of the jobs I've applied to. I'm normally an optimistic person, but this is pushing it to the limits. So help me, if I don't hear anything this coming weak I may have to do something drastic. Don't ask me what...just drastic.

Even if I get a teaching job for the fall, I still have to figure out what to do for the summer. I've applied at some jobs, had one interview, but nothing. I'm getting a bit sick of the "what are you going to do now" question because I don't know.

What I do know is that I have to trust something will happen. Preferably something good. I have to trust that I'll be able to pay my bills, feed my dog and myself, and afford to keep a roof over my head. Right now? Well, it's not looking too good. I've saved as much money as possible, but please remember I've been a college student for five years. There's not a lot of opportunity for depositing into the "rainy day" fund. But trust. Be still and trust...

...but if anyone has any great ideas...I'm all ears!

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Mal said...

You could come live with us for two weeks in California and job-hunt while you're here! You probably don't want to work as a teacher in California, but hey, it's a place to live, a place to discover, etc. etc. What's more, Mike is starting grad school at the end of the month and that will mean BYE BYE to him for the next two years, so my social life will revolve largely around a person who can't string three words together.

...really...the more I talk about this more I think it's a good idea.