Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ketchup and Catch-up...

Nope, nothing deep in the title, just found it funny. Alright, it's after midnight and, right now, anything and everything is funny. "Tired Patty" has appeared and this is the version of me who will do anything. Climb to the second story of a building just to knock on a friend's window and freak them out? Okay, Tired Patty will do that...and other things that will remain unmentioned. When I get tired I can either get, um...witchy, or get loopy. I prefer the second one, but if you want the first, I'll concede to your desires -- just be careful what you wish for!

I'm happy to say I've accomplished everything I'm supposed to for the rest of the year. School papers written and submitted, grading done and submitted, Christmas shopping done, house cleaned...and I'm bored. Seriously? I've been frazzled and stressed for months and now I'm bored? What kind of person feels that way? Me, that's who. I don't do the whole "vacation" thing very well. I think I mentioned that in an earlier post. So what am I doing? Writing example papers for my students and lesson planning for next semester. Yep, a glutton for punishment.

What can I say -- it takes all kinds!

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