Monday, December 6, 2010

10 o'clock and all is well!

So it's now 10PM on Monday night and I'm sitting in my offfice at school. The ground is covered with a conglomeration of ice, covered with packed snow, layered with a sheen of ice, and gently topped off with freezing fog. Yep, it's my lucky winter!

But all is well. I'm working on writing a short paper (about nine pages) for a presentation I am giving in a class tomorrow and Sage is laying on the floor. I'm lucky enough to be able to take her to school with me sometimes. She hangs out in my office, the other faculty come in and play fetch with her in the halls, and she loves all over anyone who happens to walk in the office--aw, heck--anyone who walks by the office. She runs out to greet them and more often than not freaks them out. Who expects to see an 80 pound chocolate lab roaming the halls of the English Department offices? She's also gone to ceramics class with me and now I get the question of "Where is Sage?" if I don't bring her. Sheesh!  :-)

It's nice to know that my appreciation and waxing poetic about how great my dog is isn't just me. It's true for other people too!

She'll probably go to ceramics with me tomorrow, be with me all day in the office on Wednesday (because I don't have or teach classes that day), and then part of the day on Friday. Yep, I feel guilty leaving her alone and, she may not get to do a whole bunch, but we take a foray outside every couple of hours to play fetch in the snow, let random passing students pet her, and let her go to the bathroom, before coming back in, getting a treat, petted, and taking another nap. Oh, to have my dog's life!

Soon. Soon I will be sleeping in until my body wakes me up and doing what I want...until I get bored...after a day. Unfortunately that's all it takes for me to do nothing/veg. Oh well, there could be worse things!

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