Saturday, May 23, 2009

Where I get the REAL news

I am someone who doesn't subscribe to newspapers. Like so many other people I like to get my news now. I don't understand the need to check facts or cite sources, just give it to me now! Sure, I peruse the sites of cnn, msn, google, new york times, etc., but I've found the most reliable news source on the internet is The Onion. They take complicated and confusing stories and make them relatable to me. I've always wondered at how a child spelling bee's brain works and they help me understand with the video entitled, "Special Boy With Freakishly Large Brain Wins Spelling Bee" (link here:, or useful ideas like "How to Wax Your Floors Without Slipping and Severing Your Spine" (link:

So for those of you tired of reading boring and well-researched news articles, I suggest you click on over to and get some REAL news.

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