Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Babies are Growing!

Okay, my title is a bit misleading, but true nonetheless. My "babies" are all of the flower seeds I planted last month. Silly me, I thought we were done getting snow so I planted, but just two days later we got more snow. -sigh- I wasn't sure my flowers would grow, but I see little green things poking out of the dirt so I'm crossing my fingers! For heaven's sake, something's got to grow--I planted enough seeds.

Unfortunately, that's my highlight. What a depressing and boring life I lead. Still dropping off resume's everywhere hoping for a job. Cross your eyes that I'll find one soon!


Julie said...

My eyes are crossed ;0

What kind of flowers did you plant? Have you tried singing to your little flowers? That might help, but make sure your neighbors aren't around.

Anonymous said...

The flowers are a hodge-podge of everything (daisy, nasturtiums, sunflowers, wildflowers, geraniums, etc.). I'll try the singing thing, prefereably off-key and really loud. If I'm lucky I'll be able to get all the neighborhood dogs to join in!