Saturday, August 27, 2011

Slack -Attack!

Alright, I will fully admit that I have been slacking in the "keep the blog updated...or at least post once a month" department. I could say I was busy, but that would be a lie. I could say I didn't have much to post about, but that's a poor excuse since I've written about such mundane things as letters sticking on my keyboard. Yep, no excuses.

Why haven't I written then? Laziness. Yep, I'm lazy. Or rather, when I get home I am lazy and don't want to do anything more than watch, let Pinterest suck hours of my life away, or sleep. Mostly the first two and occasionally the third.

The biggest news I have to share is that this past week was the first week of classes...and I'm NOT the student! Yay! Admittedly it's a huge adjustment for me because I seem to keep wondering when I should start reading my assignments and/or start working on a paper. How about half past NEVER! Or half past not right now?

So I am under a nine month contract at Washington State University (WSU) where, this semester, I teach three English 101 Introductory Writing courses and one English 402 Business and Technical Writing course. I have to say that the juxtaposition between my 402 juniors and seniors and 101 freshmen is hilarious to me. Seeing their attitudes, how they approach homework and assignments, and participate in class is really interesting. I already have my 402 class presenting on Monday and my 101 students don't have anything due until Thursday...and that's just a really rough draft!

Either way, I actually enjoy both classes and feel lucky that I have the two different ones to teach. It's nice to have a break and not teach the same thing four times in a row in the same day...three is my limit!

So as my semester continues I'm sure I'll have anecdotes to share with you, but here's my first one:

I went to the WSU campus the Sunday before classes began so I could see where my classrooms were and I was amazed by how many students were also doing the same thing. I felt like I was a prospective high school freshman again getting ready to try and traverse the huge high school campus...wondering if I was going to be late to classes and wondering how mean the teachers were going to be.

Now I'm the teacher....hehehe!

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