Sunday, February 28, 2010

Getting Old and Learning to Run Again

You know how, as a kid, you run to and fro, over hill and dale, up and down the stairs, etc. and don't have to consider your breathing technique, possible joint pain, or try to transport your mind elsewhere to keep on running? Yeah, running for me isn't like that anymore.

I'm training for running Bloomsday in Spokane on May 2nd (it's a 10K run) and I haven't been running this week because of knee pain. It's been hurting to walk down stairs and it twinges when running, so I've been trying to be pre-emptive by taking this week easy. Sure I've enjoyed the break, but I've also been cringing because of the progress/time I'm losing to prepare for Bloomsday. I'm pretty sure that, at this point, it will be more of a walk than a run, but I want to do the best I can (and any time I log will be a personal best since I've never run in a 10K before, or a 5K for that matter, but that's neither here nor there).

So I told my older sister, Susan, who is training for Triathalon Sprints (hoping to move up into regular Triathalons next year) and is running Bloomsday with me, and she suggested I try Glucosomine/Chondritin (G/C) pills. One of the effects of G/C is to "lubricate" joints so that pain is minimized and you can increase your range of motion (it's a main component of joint supplements). She swears by them, as do the older guys at my brother-in-law's job who work out constantly. So I went to Costco and bought a bottle. You know what, that stuff really works! I started yesterday, but this morning I felt a definite difference in that I didn't have pain when I walked down my stairs this morning. I'm so impressed, and because the internet mentioned how the same stuff has been used for dogs, cats, horses, etc, that I got some tablets for my 7 year old Chocolate Lab, Sage, since she seems to be moving slower and will sometimes limp after getting up from laying down until she's been moving for a bit. We'll soon see if it works for her as well.

So that's my latest  update. I'm getting older (bring on the electric shopping carts at the grocery store!) and I'm learning how to run again. Now if I can just get my breathing under control (less gasping and more "even") and get some really good music with a good beat to run to...


Jodi said...

I thought you were looking a little feeble yesterday when I saw you at Costco. I was crossing my fingers that you wouldn't fall and break a hip.
Good luck with the whole running thing. Unfortunately my knees are beyond help as far as running is concerned. I have to stick to the low impact variety. But hey, we could get matching tennis balls to put on the bottom of our walkers though! They come in hot pink right?? :)

Patty said...

And tennis ball green! :) I'm glad you didn't try to give me a hug or anything at Costco, I probably would have broken into a million pieces. Good thing I got calcium pills while I was there too so I can limit my bone loss.

Have fun in Phoenix!