Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ode to my dog

Sage you're wonderful and a boon to my soul. You're always excited to see me, even when my day has crapped out with teachers laying on the homework and students complaining about their grades on papers.

When I feel cold you happily warm my feet. When I need a hug you cuddle up to me and beg to be petted. You're not a big licker--and for that I'm grateful--but you do have a big heart that loves all God's creatures, even Lexie the onery cat and squirrels who run away from you when you just want to play.

Who needs an electric blanket when you're around Sage? You gladly warm up my side of the bed before I crawl in and willingly move over when it's my time to dream. And when it's cold you spoon me--or at least make sure you're touching me all night.

You're full of life and energy, even when you sleep. You growl and moan and bark and run while you sleep--maybe in the land of nod a squirrel stays to play and Lexie doesn't swipe at your nose.

Whatever it is, Sage, you are a wonderful dog and you're definately this woMAN's Best Friend.

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