Friday, November 13, 2009

Wanna go Half-sies on a Baby?

Did the blog title hook your attention? I hope so because today, in class, I talked about opening and closing paragraphs of a paper and I hit the intro aspect pretty hard. The main thing I talked about was getting the reader's attention. For my example I used personal ads from a newspaper. I put two side-by-side and had the students pick which one got their interest the most. Was it the one whose first line was "SWM, 56, 6'9", 159lbs, w/mustache..." or was it the one that said "IF SHALLOW LUST IS WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR ANSWER THE AD ABOVE,..." They, of course, picked the "lust" one and then I had them pretend everyone in the world is single so they could write the ad for anyone. Obama got an ad written about him, as did Will Smith, some cougar-ish 68 year old woman looking for an 18-35  year old to help her spend her money, and some guy who's "hook" is the title of this blog. I can honestly say when the student shared his hook I gaffawed a huge laugh.

It was a good day in class. 


Anonymous said...

hahahaha! Oh my gosh! I am so happy I found your blog! What a brilliant idea. I miss you Patty, and I can tell your students up there are going to miss you too!

Julie said...

Great idea!! I just might have to steal it from you :)

Patty said...

You're more than welcome. I'd be happy to email you any of the handouts I've created. Just let me know what your email is and I'll zing 'em your direction!