Sunday, November 4, 2012

Slippery Little Snake

It's amazing to me how often time gets away from us. For instance, I can't believe my oldest nephew is married with two darling daughters (along with an array of other nieces and nephews who, mysteriously, continue to grow up --- without my permission); or how many of my college freshman were born in the 90's, the year I graduated from high school; or even that I've only posted on my blog twice in the year 2012 (this will be my third time).

In addition, as I was driving down a Moscow, Idaho street in my car this weekend, I had a sudden epiphany: It's been nearly a year since I've spent a weekend at home. Now, I'm going to contradict myself right here and say I have spent the occasional weekend at home, but honestly, I think it's just been a handful of times. Approximately a year ago we found out our mom had cancer, and pretty much since then, I have spent every break and nearly every weekend spending time with my parents and helping to take care of them. Is it a lot of time? Yes. Can it be exhausting? Yes. Do I regret any of it? No, not at all. How could I miss this opportunity to spend time with my parents and get to know them as adults. Because, honestly, I loved the long talks I had with my mom and seeing her zingers, sense of humor, and how she "handled" my dad. And I love learning my dad's foibles, quirks, and generosity to his children.

I'm not trying to sound like a saint or holier than thou, because, trust me, I have more than enough sins in my past, but I just recognized how much time I don't spend in my own home. It's so pronounced that my roommate even commented on how weird it felt having me home on a Friday. Time has scampered past me without my notice.

Again, this winnowing away of time hit me as I took my clean clothes from the washer today and prepared to hang them to dry (yep, I do that -- conserving natural resources and all -- did I mention I live in Moscow, ID? -- we're big into recycling, organic, and conserving our natural resources. I feel horrible if I throw away something I know can be recycled when I'm at my sister's house!). Anyway, sorry to go tangental. As I walked down the hallway with the basket of clothes I just thought how domestic I feel. As a kid I hated doing chores of any sort, but as an adult I enjoy a clean house and couldn't believe the sense of familiarity and rightness I felt as I went about my tasks and chores.

I know this is the month of November, when people post what they're thankful for every day on Facebook (which I think is admirable), but as Daylight Savings occurred this weekend and I "gained" an extra hour in my Sunday, I couldn't help but think about how often we don't really pay attention to the passage of time. Truly notice the leaves changing colors, people growing older, ourselves growing and maturing.

Those are my musings this evening, and some thoughts I've been thinking on lately. I have no eloquent way of ending this posting other than to encourage you to spend time with those you love and that are important to you. Too many times we wish we could have time back, but that is the one thing that no one can hold on to forever.

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