Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Time to Saddle Up!

This past week I've spent holed up at my sister's house in S.E. Idaho and --- I'm loving' it! No one knows I'm here...unless I want them to, so I've had no claims on my time. I've been staying up late (somehow I'm more productive at night than in the mornings -- that'd better change come school time!), sleeping in, and just "playing house" = cooking, cleaning, and being a "kept woman" (in the loosest definition of the word).

Watching Sage mellow and playing with my sister's dogs, that she used to dominate, cracks me up! At the drop of a hat Sage will instigate play time and loves to wrestle on the floor. This amazes me because ever since I moved to Moscow Sage has NEVER played with another dog. Why, I don't know, but she seems to feel in her element with my sister's dogs.

Pretty much it has been a lazy, but productive, break. I've completed assignment sheets, the first three weeks of lesson plans, and am working on finalizing my calendar for the rest of the semester. Now, if I can only be as successful writing my thesis. Yikes!

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