Saturday, June 7, 2008

Whole Lotta New Experiences!

Well, needless to say this entire "Alaska Experience" has been chock full of new things. I've never really travelled by myself or moved somewhere where I don't know ANYONE!!! In the past I've always been very careful to have a safety net nearby (family, friends, etc.) when I go somewhere new. Not in Valdez, Alaska! This entire experience has been different, exciting, crazy, scary, and so far...a whole lotta fun!Alaska definately isn't a land of snow, ice, , darkness, etc. Yes there are snow and ice (as well as four glaciers I have visited so far), but I'm also surround by a gorgeous view, new friends, and co-workers that I enjoy and learn a lot from every day. I'm definately not in Idaho anymore... ...but already planning what I want to do or go next summer. I think the travel-bug has finally bit me.Here's a basic breakdown of the sights I've seen or things I've done so far.

I've been whitewater rafting. That's 8 summers in a row now! Man was the water cold too! Water coming straight off the glaciers. They put us in dry suits...which keep you dry...but I forgot gloves at the office, so my hands were cold. I'm happy to say my hands were not detrimentally affected...especially since I'm typing this blog.

I've been on a 3 day kayak/camping trip. During the trip I kayaked among icebergs, we watched a pod of humpback whales put on a show for us by breaching (jumping & splashing), spouting (blow air through the blow hole), and flukeing (splash the tail out of the water only). It was awesome! I"ve seen otters, sea lions, seals, a bunch of bald eagles and tons of other birds. So far I haven't seen a bear, but it's only a matter of time.

That's really all so far...that I can think of off the top of my head, but I'm lucky in that I get to go kayaking, rafting, or go on any of the day trips we offer when my schedule allows - all for free! I'm especially excited to go glacier climbing later in the season when the snow melts a bit off the glacier. Today a bunch of my guides are out on the glacier setting ice screws and planning routes for the first ice climbers of the season in a couple of days. Bring it on!!!I know there aren't any pictures on this site yet, but I'll get some and put them on soon.Until then...keep up the good work and I'll try to update this soon and often. Don't forget to comment or let me know what's going on with you!


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